The Lost Child in a Mall Style of Developing

The Lost Child in a Mall Style of Developing

You're a little kid, you are at the mall with your mom. You like the mall, you might get a toy or an Orange Julius out of this.

You used to hold your mom's hand everywhere you went, but you are a big kid now, and only do that when crossing the street.

You are looking around taking in the sights and sounds of the mall. Then you see something cool and you go to grab your mom's attention to point it out to her.

Then you realize that she isn't there, and you freak out.

You start screaming "Mommy!" and you shoot off looking all over for her. Even though it was drilled into you head, if you are lost stay in place

Or maybe that just happened to me when I was little, it certainly still happens to me today when I'm coding.

I became that little kid again the other day. The kid who lacked the good sense to stay in place and wait to be found.

I was building a chrome extension and couldn't figure out how to work with the error handling in chrome web navigation I looked through the docs for a half of a second before deciding that I need to take matters into my own hands and tear through google trying to find the one stack overflow post that would make me safe again.

Almost everything but what I should have done. It took me bugging my friend Arno the other day to really see the light. He sat down with me, and was like "dude we're just gonna read the docs."

Which is what I should have done from the get go. Stay in the same place. Let mom find me. It's a basic woodcraft thing you learn, if you are lost stay put. Scary things happen when you leave out on your own.

Stay put! Wait for your mom, read the docs.

Domain Grabber is the extension by the way. It also plays with the theme of being lost and running away. But in this case, it redirects you to a domain registrar if you type in a domain that doesn't exist. It's pretty cool.