my coffee maker is my alarm clock

my coffee maker is my alarm clock

Bill Murray Drinking Coffee

I recently read an article called How to Wake up at 5AM and Build Your Startup by Patrick Park.

It was chockfull of good reasons and ways that a person to get up and go early. Waking at normal human hours has been the bane of my existence since I was a little dude. Though I would always make exceptions for skiing, powder over everything.

One of Patrick's points was:

Force Yourself to Drink Coffee

It's never been hard for me to make an excuse to drink coffee, and after rent it is probably my biggest expense. But getting out of bed and making it in the morning? That's the hard part. Especially now that I set my own hours at Canopy Group

So, I said fuck it:

  • Went to target.
  • Bought the cheapest coffee maker with a delayed brew setting.
  • And set it up in my room.

Now every night before going to bed I load the thing up with water and coffee grounds and set it to make a pot 5 minutes before my alarm goes off.

Oh, and my phone, I keep that near the coffee maker, so I have to actually get up and walk to the coffee to turn my phone's alarm off.

This makes the whole, "naw we're gonna snooze" option a little bit harder to take. Because you've got a damn fine cup of coffee waiting for you right there how can you not drink it?

So, if you are a slothful, self sabotaging slumberer like me, the coffee pot/alarm clock set up is not a bad deal.

Oh and if you want to buy in, and in the process earn me $0.60 check the maker i bought here