I bought a ton of domains on black friday

  • 420grow.space
  • before.college
  • bonb.online
  • csu.rent
  • darker.black
  • golfer.mom
  • golfer.space
  • growop.xyz
  • hotbo.xyz
  • hotwa.xyz
  • lunchbo.xyz
  • paralla.xyz
  • rainbo.xyz
  • sendfa.xyz
  • travispage.xyz
  • evilg.host
  • flannel.guru
  • highstatusimportedeuropeanluxurybrand.com (already had this one but need to do something with it)
  • howtofrench.press
  • juniormining.guru
  • liveg.host
  • minin.guru
  • woods.guru

And I need to do something with all of them before the re-bill comes! Or I'd have wasted all the money.

So I will be logging as I build them out, one site a week from New Years Day on. I'll update you all as that goes on.

god save me